meeting your retirement objectives

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It all starts and ends with “Cash Flow.” The entry point of this planning process should start early in one’s life in the form of savings.

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Meeting Your Retirement Objectives

Squam Lakes Financial Advisors, with its depth of experience and the guidance of Robert E. Maloney, offers retirement planning services in New Hampshire that are dedicated to improving retirement outcomes for individuals and families. 

As a New Hampshire retirement planner, we coordinate with your other advisors and strive to provide dependable benefits to our clients. Our policy of fee-only financial planning keeps us out of any conflicts of interest and serves as an advantage for uncertainty at a critical time in your lives.

Key to Retirement Planning: CASH FLOW

It all starts and ends with “cash flow.” The entry point of this planning process should start early in one’s life in the form of savings. Not easy at a young age, but critically important. 

Step one is systematic savings and compounding interest. Payroll deductions are out of sight and out of mind. They accumulate quickly given time to retirement and are the best approach to time-proven success. Estate planning, investments, and insurance are all aspects of planning and are very important. However, without adequate cash flow, they will take your house and assets away. With adequate cash flow, your level of comfort and security is only a question of priorities. 

Management of Cash Flow 

We first segregate “fixed”” and “variable” expenses into a number of categories and subcategories. We then confirm the accuracy of your numbers and work closely with you to be sure that they are reasonable in today’s economic environment.

Fixed expenses are easy to identify: 

  • mortgage payments;
  • real estate taxes;
  • individual utilities, such as heating, electricity, telephone, cable, and home security; and
  • insurance policies, such as life insurance, medical insurance, disability, homeowners automobile, umbrella, and long-term care.


We’ll evaluate every potential fixed expense that you have in the course of a 12-month period.

Then we turn our attention to your variable expenses:

  • groceries;
  • personal clothing;
  • household maintenance;
  • furnishings;
  • services, such as lawn care and property maintenance;
  • recreation, such as vacations, sports equipment, and theatre tickets;
  • subscriptions, memberships, and dues;
  • education/tuition;
  • healthcare; and
  • transportation expenses.

The combination of your fixed and variable expenses make up your total expenses. These are typically funds that have to be laid out-of-pocket month after month.

Logically, when your total expenses have been reasonably confirmed, it would make sense to look for the next step which is whether you have sufficient income to cover those expenses.

Do we encounter clients who are spending more than they make? Absolutely, and it’s our obligation to say so. The good news is that the numbers will speak for themselves so long as our clients have been honest in projecting expenses.

Delivering Consultative Relationships, Not Business

Our focus is to deliver a consultative relationship to our customers to approach their goals and challenges with a unique understanding and an independent perspective. We believe in strategic planning that includes plan design, investment policy statements, and one-on-one communications. 

By focusing on your well-being, we strive to provide a proposal that involves the least amount of risk necessary to achieve your goals. This has led us to offer conservative investment strategies as a New Hampshire retirement planner. Our strength lies in predictive analysis which helps us offer highly effective retirement planning solutions.

We Clarify Your Doubts and Stick to Your Retirement Objectives

We’ll clearly explain the specific advantages and disadvantages of your individually tailored retirement plan and help you design that plan accordingly. We provide guidance and assist you in choosing the options that most closely align with your retirement goals and objectives. 

As an Accredited Estate Planner (AEP), we’ll integrate the retirement planning with a Comprehensive Estate Plan for the entire family. In addition, we try to take into consideration any legislative or regulatory issues before crafting your plan. 

Our step-by-step process of defining your retirement goals, designing plans to meet them, operating the plan in compliance with your other documents, and measuring the effectiveness of the plan keeps us ahead of the competition and serves our customers in a better way. Creating new avenues of income after your retirement is your dream, and our focus.

As an experienced New Hampshire retirement planner, you don’t even need to worry about making your portfolio tax efficient, as we’ll provide guidance in this important area of tax planning.

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